Future Residents

We Hope You Will Call Millennium Hall Home!

Welcome To Millennium Hall!

Thank you for your interest in Millennium Hall. We look forward to having you as a future resident. Should you have any questions about Millennium Hall or the leasing process, please contact the Management Office at 410-704-6455 or  at info@millenniumhall.com.

TRANSFER STUDENTS: Please wait to apply until you have been officially accepted to Towson University.

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$4,576 per person, per semester


February 13th (12PM) through February 17th (4PM)

New applicants with a sophomore through senior class status, who are NOT being pulled in by current residents, may apply for housing at www.millenniumhall.com beginning at 12 PM on Monday, February 13th and ending at 4pm on Friday, February 17th. If you are applying with a group, every person must submit an application and every roommate request must be mutual. Current Towson University students who complete a housing offer will need to attend a room selection event in March in order to select a room. Details regarding room selection will be sent directly to participants via email.

Applications received during New Applicant Week will be assigned a randomly generated lottery number, which we will use to determine waiting list position. Students who apply this week will receive best consideration for space in Millennium Hall.


After February 17th at 4PM

New Applicants should submit an application online at www.millenniumhall.com in order to be considered for a space based on availability.

New Applicants who apply after February 17th will be placed on a separate waiting list from those who applied during New Applicant Week. This waiting list will be based upon the date of application. Housing offers for students on this waiting list will begin only after the New Applicant Week waiting list is exhausted. Housing offers will continue until fall Move-In in response to cancellations received over the summer.

Students who receive a housing offer must submit the $300 Reservation Fee and complete the electronic housing documents by their deadline to secure their space.


Millennium Hall will be closed for Summer 2017 for renovations.

Parking Permits

Because Millennium Hall has 187 parking spots for 420 residents, priority is given to residents who renew their housing for the upcoming academic year. If any permits remain, we will hold a lottery for new residents. You must indicate you are interested in parking at the time of your online housing application to be placed on the waitlist. The cost for Millennium Hall Parking Permits will be available over the summer and will mirror the cost for a campus parking permit. Please note that it is unlikely students who are new to Millennium Hall will receive a parking permit offer through Millennium for their first semester. Parking offers are sent to the student’s email address on file. If you wish to obtain a permit to park on campus, you may purchase a garage permit through TU’s Parking Services.

Housing Freshmen and Graduate Students

Millennium Hall is an upperclassmen apartment community for undergraduate students only. Millennium Hall does not currently accept applications from incoming freshmen or graduate students. Freshmen students are encourage to apply for on-campus housing through Towson University. Graduate students are encouraged to seek off-campus housing accommodations.

What to Bring

Secured housing with us? Here’s what you should pack: What to Bring – Checklist