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Residents and guarantors can visit the Resident Portal to pay rent, submit a maintenance request and MORE!

First-time users must register for the portal. Resident Portal access is not immediate. Management will process registration requests as frequently as possible. If you do not receive access to the portal with in two business days after registration, please contact our office.

Fall residents will not have access to the Resident Portal until mid-August


2023-2024 Licensing Timeline

February 1-13

  • Renewal Intention for current Millennium Hall residents
  • Current Harris Hall & Tubman House residents apply to Millennium Hall
  • Current Harris Hall & Tubman House residents MUST complete their Renewal Intention to receive a priority housing offer from Millennium Hall

February 14-16

  • Current Millennium Hall residents who completed their renewal intention will receive a Renewal housing offer with a deferred Reservation fee

February 14-21

  • New Applicant Week (First-Time Millennium Hall students)
  • Current Millennium Hall or Harris Hall & Tubman House residents who did not complete their Renewal Intention should apply at this time a that missed their Renewal Intention deadline should apply at this time

February 19-23

  • Harris Hall & Tubman House residents who completed their Renewal Intention with Harris Hall & Tubman House will receive a priority housing offer with a deferred Reservation Fee
  • Mutual roommate pull-in requests for Millennium Hall, Harris Hall & Tubman House residents will receive housing offers



    No, there is not a full-time student requirement to live at Millennium Hall. Students must be admitted and enrolled at Towson University. First-year students, sophomores, juniors, seniors, graduate and transfer students are eligible to apply and live at Millennium Hall. Students should to report changes in their enrollment to the Capstone Management office via email at MillenniumHall@cocm.com.


    Housing costs are billed through Millennium Hall directly and will not appear on a students’ TU bill. Capstone Management offers 3 payment plans for the billing of their rent:

    Semesterly: Students who sign a Housing License are defaulted to this payment plan. The License Fee is split in half with one payment due in August and the other due in January.

    Financial Aid: Students whose aid package exceeds their TU bill, entitling them to a refund check that would like to apply to their Capstone housing bill. Students must choose the Financial Aid Payment Plan and submit the supporting documentation. Students must submit payment to Capstone directly. TU does not transfer funds to Capstone for payment towards student housing.

    Installments: Students who would like to divide the License Fee over the course of their license term. Students must choose Installment Payment Plan on their Housing License to select this plan. There is an additional $48/semester processing fee for this payment method.


    To submit a maintenance request, students need to register for the Resident Portal. To register, click the Resident Portal link on this page. First time users should click the “Register Now!”. If may take up to two business days for registration to be approved. If you have already registered, just enter your email address and password to login. Once you are logged in, just click on “Submit a Maintenance Request” and follow the instructions. If you have any questions or technical problems, please contact 410-704-6455 or millenniumhall@cocm.com for assistance.

    After check-in, there is a two-week room freeze before residents can request to move to another room. To request a room change, Residents must first speak to their Resident Assistant (RA) about the process. A formal request must then be submitted to the Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) of Millennium Hall, Michael Wenger at mwenger@towson.edu. He will discuss with the resident the available options and explain the proper procedure. Residents may not move into any room without the RLC’s written approval (including moving belongings). Unapproved moves will result in the resident returning to their original room assignment, and being charged an improper room change fee. When a space becomes available in an apartment, the remaining resident(s) must keep the common area spaces tidy. A vacant bedroom will be locked upon move out of a resident. A new resident may be assigned at any time to this space. Residents are not permitted to move into the vacant unit. Unauthorized room transfers are fined $275.00.

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