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Welcome To Millennium Hall!

Thank you for your interest in Millennium Hall and we look forward to having you as a future resident! Millennium Hall offers spacious co-living style floor plans and each unit is fully furnished with private bedrooms and shared bathrooms.

Millennium Hall is privately managed by COCM (Capstone On-Campus Management), and not Towson University.

ELIGIBILITYAs outlined on TU’s Housing Eligibility page, Millennium Hall is considered on-campus housing for purposes of [TU housing] eligibility. Students are required to be admitted and enrolled at TU to live at Millennium Hall.

TRANSFER STUDENTS: Please wait to submit your housing application until you have been officially accepted to Towson University and received your 7-digit TU ID number.

Should you have any questions about Millennium Hall or the leasing process, please contact the Management Office at 410-704-6455 or at millenniumhall@cocm.com.


Undergrad/Transfer Students/Graduate Students

Transfer Students: You must wait until you have been admitted to Towson University before applying.

Non-admitted students will not receive a housing offer. 



Incoming First Year Students aka “Freshmen”

Millennium Hall will be accepting first year students at a later date. Until that time, first year students should apply to Harris Hall and Tubman House!!!


2024-2025 Housing Costs

Pricing below is per person. Pricing includes all utilities; even cable and internet. Pricing does not include a meal plan. Meal plans are available for purchase through Towson University. Pricing does not include laundry costs. Laundry costs are $1.50/load.

Four Bedroom, Two Bathroom - Standard

ACADEMIC HOUSING LICENSE $5,365/Semester OR $10,730/Academic Year Millennium Hall is a 9-month license which allows students to stay during winter and spring break!

Four Bedroom, Two Bathroom - Corner

ACADEMIC HOUSING LICENSE $5,365/Semester OR $10,730/Academic Year Millennium Hall is a 9-month license which allows students to stay during winter and spring break!

Payment Plan Options

Semesterly (Default)

  • By default, the semester payment plan assumes that a student will be paying out of pocket until we have been informed otherwise. The semester plan divides the license fee in half for a payment due in the Fall and another due in the Spring.
    • The Fall 2024 license fee payment in the amount of $5,365 shall be due on 8/24/2024
    • The Spring 2025 license fee payment in the amount of $5,365 shall be due on 1/25/2025


Financial Aid

  • The financial aid payment plan utilizes any excess funds that remain after tuition and fees, and any other obligations to the university’s Bursar Office are paid to the university. Any excess funds will be issued as a refund to the student who will be responsible to use the issued refund to cover their housing costs with Millennium Hall.
  • Students that request a financial aid payment plan will have their license fee payment deferred until 9/21/2024 (Fall) and 2/22/2025 (Spring). This deferment does not apply to the $300 reservation fee that is required as a part of the offer process.



  • The installment payment plan divides the the total license fee into 9-payments with the first payment being due on move-in. Beginning October 1st, all payments will be due on the 1st of the month.
  • The installment payment plan includes a $48/semester processing fee. This fee is evenly divided throughout out the 9-month payments.
  • Evenly divided semester payments are intended to simplify the payment plan and do not provide for a full month’s use of the space during any month during the academic term.


Fall 2024 Dates  License Signing  8/24/2024  10/1/2024  11/1/2024  12/1/2024
  $300 $1,278.25 $1,278.25 $1,278.25 $1,278.25
Spring 2025 Dates  1/1/2025 2/1/2025 3/1/2025 4/1/2025  5/1/2025 
  $1,278.25 $1,278.25 $1,278.25 $1,278.25 $300




2024-2025 Housing Licensing Timeline

February 1- 13

  • Renewal Intention for current Millennium Hall residents
  • Current Harris Hall & Tubman House residents apply to Millennium Hall
  • Current Harris Hall & Tubman House residents MUST complete their Renewal Intention to receive a priority housing offer from Millennium Hall.

February 14-16

  • Current Millennium Hall residents who completed their Renewal Intention will receive Renewal housing offer with a deferred Reservation Fee.

February 14-21

  • New Applicant Week (First-Time Millennium Hall students)
  • Current Millennium Hall and TWV students that missed their Renewal Intention deadline should apply at this time

February 19-23

  • Harris Hall & Tubman House residents who completed their Renewal Intention with Harris Hall & Tubman House will receive a priority housing offer with a deferred Reservation Fee
  • Mutual roommate pull-in requests for Millennium Hall, Harris Hall & Tubman House residents will receive housing offers

Applications received after 4:00 PM on February 21st will be placed on our secondary waitlist to possibly start receiving updates closer to the end of the Spring 2024 semester for the upcoming 2024-2025 academic year. 


If you have signed a contract and paid a Reservation Fee or Housing Advance Payment with Harris Hall, Tubman House or with the University for 2024-2025 academic year, you are NOT eligible to receive an offer from Millennium Hall.


Have more questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page


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